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customised tower

Enhance your brand identity!


Let your imagination run wild and choose the shape, prints, colours, materials and ergonomics to give your tower a unique look that is specific to your brand.

Maximum design freedom







Team dedicated to your projects

Working together or in collaboration with your architect, distributor, design office or designer, our team of experts will support you throughout your project and offer you a solution for customising your installation or concept.


Design office and integrated design

All the expertise of our specialists (creation, design, refrigeration and electronics specialist) come together to bring your customised tower or handle to life. The challenge of each project is to arouse interest and convey a unique brand identity.  


Process and manufacturing

Whether it is the machining of the parts, the fitting and the assembly, or the verification of the finishes, your tower will undergo a tried-and-tested process throughout manufacturing. Each of our towers has to pass many tests before it can leave our production unit.


Installation & maintenance

A beautiful tower is also a well-fitted tower. This is a conviction shared by all the DAV specialist installers. Installation is carried out in the strictest compliance with our commitments: recognised know-how and “turnkey” support..

"Personalised support let's develop our businesses together!"

Available in one of our nine agencies in France, your chosen point of contact will help you fulfil your project.

Made in France

8 agencies in France

Worldwide distributors

10000 m2 of production floor and storage room

A dedicated design office

The requirement of design, mastery
of manufacturing, optimization
of logistics and finally the expertise
of installation and maintenance